Motorhome Courses Have you realised your dream of owning a motorhome? Are you already enjoying the touring lifestyle but leave all the driving to someone else? We can help get you started with everything you need to know! 

Motorhomes generally fall into two categories; those that can be driven on a category B car licence, and those that require a category C1 licence to drive them. 
You will find many motorhomes can be driven on a car licence because they have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 3500kg or less. If the motorhome you have set your heart on weighs more than this, then you must have category C1 (GVW 3500kg up to 7500kg). If you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997 you will not have this category on your licence and you will have undertake a commercial category C1 driving test. If this applies to you, please contact us as we can recommend driver trainers in East Anglia.  
If you do already hold the appropriate driving licence for your motorhome it can pay dividends to undertake awareness training if you have never driven a larger vehicle. 
Felicity's Driver Training offers bespoke courses to help you gain confidence when driving a larger vehicle at home and abroad. 

Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses 

Driving a larger vehicle is not necessarily difficult but does require more awareness and planning skills. Defensive driving skills are the foundation of this course to make motorhome driving stress-free. 
As motorhome owners, seasoned travellers and instructors for The Camping & Caravanning Club, both Fliss and Andy can help you gain confidence behind the wheel of a larger vehicle, stay legal and safe on the road and offer advice on using your motorhome once at your destination. 
Our 5-hour courses are tailored to your specific requirements subject to an initial consultation. Topics can include: 
driving in town and rural situations 
manoeuvring using mirrors 
safely loading your motorhome  
levelling your motorhome on a pitch 
Clients must provide a vehicle with external mirrors and a belted passenger seat. Your motorhome must not exceed 7500kg MAM and you must be entitled and fit to drive, and hold a valid UK Driving licence for your class of vehicle. 
Courses are £160 for 5-hours bespoke coaching 
To book your bespoke course or to find out more please call 07850 011181 or complete the Contact Us form 
Ask us about making the most of your training by staying over at recommended campsites nearby! 
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